Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Inside the Runner's Mind...Stream of Consciousness

Ok off to a good start not too fast, not too slow.  I’ll take it easy the first 2 miles and then kill the last 3 miles.  Just gotta maintain an 8 min pace in the first 2.  Don’t try and kill yourself.  Listen to your body.  We gotta hill comin up.  Attack it.  Put some spring on your backstep and drive up the hill.  Drive your knee forward.  Swing your arms.  Don’t twist your body.  Control your breathing.  Feeling tired.  Already?  No, your’e good, just workin into it.  It’s hot.  This is gonna be a rough run.  My Hammy feels a little tight.  There is the straining I keep feeling in my foot.  Keep going.  Adjust your stride.  Don’t stretch it too far.  Short choppy steps going downhill.  How’s the knee.  Good…Good!  I wonder if I’m close to my first mile.  Don’t think about distance.  Focus on the music.  Let your body run.  Don’t focus on mechanics.  Your body knows what to do.  8:11 for my first mile.  Good.  Not too fast.  I can press a little harder into number 2.  Get after it!  I am were I am supposed to be.  All the signs point forward baby.  Topic of my next paper.  Meat’s Correlation to Animalistic Behavior in Science fiction.  Where can I go with this.  Wave at this runner approaching me.  Ah I got a wave back, good etiquette sir.  Comin up behind another runner.  Alright pull it together.  Look like you know what you are doing.  Pass em like they standin still.  Good mechanics.  Keep it up.  Dinner tonight?  Where am I at for calories.  This run’s burning a good 1000.  I can tear it up at dinner tonight.  Gotta maintain yourself.  Don’t go nuts.  But when I get home I am definitely having a banana.  Maybe some raisin bread.  Run faster.  Get Home sooner.  Raisin bread.  God my hammy is really getting tight now.  I wonder what I did to it?  Maybe just over stretched when I was going down that first hill.  Shorten your stride.  Won’t hurt as much.  Was it this hot when I started.  I shouldv’e brought water.  It’s just like the Oatmeal’s comic.  Where the hell is MY vending machine full of sugary, satiating beverages.  Keep going, you’ll be fine.  Trust your body.  7:52 on my second mile.  You can do better.  Turn it up.  I wish I had a motorcycle.  I would make it look goooood!  Focus on the music.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in this part of town.  Lord, please let me not get creamed by a car.  Music. Music.  Life sucks.  Running sucks.  Why the hell do I do this?  It’s fun.  Yeah, okay.  Maybe I could be a professional athlete.  And a doctor?  Stranger things, big boy.  The best pace is a suicide pace.  Dinner Tonight?  Oh yeah gotta figure that out.  We’ve got beans…and nothing else.  Ok.  Store.  Eat out.  Too expensive.  Make Chili.  Perfect.  Bread.  No.  We’ve got jalapenos.  Good to go.  Mile 3 7:39 awesome.  Let’s keep it here until the last mile baby.  Keep going.  Ignore the pain in your foot.  These shoes have shit traction.  30 bucks!  Next time Merrell’s!  Maybe.  The pain in my hammy is gone.  Actually I’m feelin pretty good.  Not tired.  Not soar.  Maybe I can press a little harder.  Underpass.  Is it gonna cave in on me.  Nope.  I hate running up the other side of these things.  I hate this stretch of road.  I always feel like shit during this stretch.  It’s all in your head.  Yep.  Gotta another hill.  Too tired to spring.  Just trudge up.  Losing steam.  Alright on the other side.  I think that’s the last hill.  Downhill all the way home.  Music.  Music.  Johnny Cash.  I wonder if people would judge me if they knew Lady Gaga was on my playlist.  Turn down the volume.  I don’t want anyone to hear this.  Ok no one around.  Crank it.  I live for the applause, applause.  Woo.  Feeling pretty good.  Stretch it out.  Mile 4 7:36.  Good deal.  Last mile.  Get after it.  Make this a sub seven.  Sprint it out.  Outta breath.  Keep it going.  Oh this sucks.  Alright hit the reset button.  Slow it down a little.  Catch my breath.  Crank it.  Music.  Breathing.  Music.  Front door.  Coming up.  4.95 miles.  I guess I’m going around.  Can’t finish before 5 miles.  Alright on the dot.  6:52 mile 5.  Boom.  Good run.  Felt good.  This is why I do this.  Upstairs to get dinner goin.  Raisin bread.